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May 2021Tens of Thousands of GoDaddy Certificates Will Break in macOS 11.4 and iOS 14.6
November 2020Monitor and Automate MTA-STS with Cert Spotter
February 2020You Can Now Use CAA to Auto-Authorize Certificates in Cert Spotter, Without Compromising Transparency
November 2019Introducing the New Cert Spotter - with Expiration Monitoring, Alert Fatigue Reduction, and More
Elizabeth Warren's Website Uses a Foreign TLD. Hopefully She's Monitoring Certificate Transparency!
November 2018Introducing Cert Spotter API 1.0 - The Easiest Way To List A Domain's Certificates
April 2018Yes, it's OK if GitHub Requests Certificates for Sub-Domains Delegated to Them
Introducing SSLMate for SaaS - Get Certificates For Your Customers' Vanity Domains
December 2017How Cert Spotter Parses 255 Million Certificates
September 2016Why Chrome 53 is Rejecting Chase Bank's Symantec Certificate
What Will Happen to WoSign? A Look at Past Certificate Authority Sanctions
July 2016Introducing Cert Spotter: Easy Certificate Transparency Monitoring from SSLMate
July 2015SSLMate 1.4.0: Multi-Domain Certificates
June 2015SSLMate 1.3.0: Certificate Formats for Everyone
How to Configure OCSP Stapling in Apache and nginx
May 2015Why Chrome Thinks your SHA-2 Certificate Chain is "Affirmatively Insecure"
SSLMate 1.2.0: Countering the Latest Attacks against SSL
SSLMate 1.1.0: DNS support for CloudFlare, DNSimple, and DigitalOcean
April 2015Easy EV Certificates from SSLMate
100% Automated Certificate Provisioning with DNS Approval
SSLMate 1.0.0: Certificate Importation, DNS Approval, and More
December 2014Generate Secure Configuration with `sslmate mkconfig`
SSLMate 0.6.1
November 2014SHA-2 Certificates Now Available from SSLMate
October 2014Auto-renewal in Action
SSLMate 0.4.0: More Features, Better Docs, and Available on More Platforms
September 2014Why SSLMate Sells Only One Year Certificates
Automating Renewals with --auto-renew and `sslmate download`
August 2014Introducing `sslmate reissue` and `sslmake revoke`

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