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Certificate Search API Pricing


$0 / month

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100 single-hostname queries / hour

10 full-domain queries / hour

75 queries / minute

5 queries / second

15 second query timeout

Note: rate limits and timeouts may be reduced during periods of high load.


$50 / month

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1,000 single-hostname queries / hour

100 full-domain queries / hour

500 queries / minute

10 queries / second

60 second query timeout


$500 / month

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10,000 single-hostname queries / hour

1,000 full-domain queries / hour

2,000 queries / minute

20 queries / second

90 second query timeout

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A single-hostname query is a query which returns certificates for a single specific hostname. (The include_subdomains parameter is false.)

A full-domain query is a query which returns certificates for all descendant sub-domains of the queried domain. (The include_subdomains parameter is true.)

Firehose Access

For $1,000/month, access a continuous stream of all certificates as they are added to Certificate Transparency logs. Sign up

Provisioned Indexes

Provisioned indexes speed up full-domain queries of domains which have a large number of certificates. Provisioned indexes start at $100/month per domain. Contact us for a quote.