Better uptime and security with Cert Spotter.

Cert Spotter monitors Certificate Transparency logs and alerts you when a digital certificate is issued for one of your domains. Better visibility means better uptime and security. Read the announcement

Avoid Outages

Cert Spotter helps inventory your certificates so you know when they expire, before you experience a costly outage.

Enforce Policy

Cert Spotter provides visibility into your use of key sizes, cryptographic algorithms, and compliance with security policies.

Protect Infrastructure

Cert Spotter detects unauthorized certificates so you can protect yourself from damaging compromises and data theft.

Subscribe to Alerts

Cert Spotter alerts you when an unknown certificate is detected for a domain on your watchlist. Review detected certificates through your SSLMate dashboard. Start monitoring now

Get the Source

Cert Spotter is open source so you can set up and run your own monitor. Cert Spotter on GitHub

Query the API

Query the certificates for a domain using a simple JSON API. Enter your domain to try it out!



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Better visibility means better uptime and security. Cert Spotter gives you the visibility you need for your certificates.

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