Stop Outages and Security Incidents Before They Happen.

Cert Spotter monitors your domains for expiring and unauthorized SSL certificates, so you can act before an incident, not after. Learn more

Improve Security

Discover unauthorized SSL certificates and DNS tampering, so you can detect and remediate security compromises — before they lead to data theft.

Avoid Outages

Discover expiring SSL certificates, so you can renew them — before your site goes down and you lose business.

Reduce Alert Fatigue

Cert Spotter doesn't notify you about legitimate or already-renewed certificates, so you'll only be alerted when there's really a problem.

Subscribe to Alerts

Cert Spotter emails you when an unknown certificate is detected for a domain on your watchlist, and when a certificate is still unrenewed 30 days before expiration. Review unknown and expiring certificates through your SSLMate dashboard. Start monitoring now

Get the Source

Cert Spotter is open source so you can set up and run your own monitor. Cert Spotter on GitHub

Query the API

Query the certificates for a domain using a simple JSON API. Enter your domain to try it out. Sign up for API access



Worry Less About Outages and Security Problems

Monitor your certificates with Cert Spotter, so that you, not your boss, will be the one to hear about security and uptime problems.

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