SSLMate Change Log

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2020-01-06: Phishing-Proof Two Factor Authentication

You can now use security keys such as the YubiKey as a second, phishing-proof authentication factor for your SSLMate account. Visit your account settings to enable.

We plan to support passwordless authentication in the near future.

2020-01-06: Cert Spotter: Yearly Subscriptions

Cert Spotter can now be purchased on a yearly basis. If you're currently a subscriber, you can switch to a yearly plan.

2020-01-06: Preview: Cert Spotter: API to Add/Remove Monitored Domains

We're testing out an API for programatically adding/removing the domains that are monitored by Cert Spotter. Please contact us if you are interested.

2020-01-06: Preview: Cert Spotter API: Firehose

We're testing out a firehose option for the Cert Spotter API to allow you to ingest all new certificates from public Certificate Transparency logs, using one convenient API endpoint. Please contact us if you are interested.

2019-12-16: Cert Spotter: expiration threshold can now be configured

You can now configure the number of days before expiration at which Cert Spotter begins alerting about an expiring certificate. (Previously, it was always 30 days.)

2019-12-16: Cert Spotter: sub-domain inclusion/exclusion can now be configured

When adding a monitored domain, you can now choose whether or not sub-domains should also be monitored. (Previously, sub-domains were always monitored.)

When adding an excluded sub-domain, you can now choose whether or not sub-domains of the excluded sub-domain should also be excluded. (Previously, sub-sub-domains were never excluded.)

2019-12-11: Change Log

SSLMate now has a change log that lists new features and other notable changes.

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