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SSLMate's mission is to improve security and privacy on the Internet by making it easier for people to secure their servers.

SSLMate is not a typical certificate vendor.

SSLMate transforms buying and configuring an SSL certificate, which can be a frustrating multi-hour affair, into something that takes minutes. Instead of making you copy and paste certificate files in a complicated multi-step process, SSLMate automates everything into a simple command which you run from the command line. Learn more

SSLMate was revolutionary when it launched in 2014, and continues to make innovations to ease the management of SSL certificates. Read our blog

Who we are

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SSLMate was created by Andrew Ayer, a system administrator, programmer, and security researcher. Andrew created SSLMate when he was trying to convert all of his sites to HTTPS and got sick and tired of how inconvenient it was to buy and deploy SSL certificates.

Andrew is interested in building secure and reliable computer systems, and is particularly interested in the use of sandboxing to isolate untrustworthy code. He writes about these topics and more on his blog and on Twitter. He is the author of the popular open source git-crypt encryption system, the highly secure titus TLS proxy server, as well as several other open source projects in the areas of security and system administration.

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To get in touch with SSLMate, send an email to sslmate@sslmate.com or use the contact form.


SSLMate is a product of Opsmate, Inc., a California corporation.

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