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SSL Certificates Without the Busy Work

Save time and say goodbye to expired certificates when you use SSLMate's easy SSL certificate automation.

Save Time

You can manage hundreds or even thousands of certificates with ease using SSLMate. SSLMate automates the repetitive process of generating a private key, submitting a CSR, validating the request, and assembling the correct certificate bundle.

Prevent Outages

Never forget a certificate renewal again. SSLMate automatically renews your certificates and installs them on your servers so do don't have to worry about downtime.

Support When You Need It

Your support questions are answered personally by SSLMate founder and certificate expert Andrew Ayer. Get your problems fixed without talking to a low-level helpdesk worker or posting on a community forum.

Get Certificates From The Command Line

The easy-to-use sslmate command line tool automates private key generation, CSR submission, and installation of the correct certificate bundle on your server. You can also automate the installation of renewals. No more complicated openssl commands!

$ sslmate buy

Track Your Certificates From One Place

Track your certificates and their expiration dates in one place using the SSLMate web console. You'll receive email notifications with helpful diagnostics if anything goes wrong renewing a certificate.

Screenshot showing list of certificate orders, including the name, status, expiration date, auto-renew setting, and product of each order

Automate with a Simple API

You can use SSLMate's simple JSON API to integrate certificate issuance into your application or devops workflow. There is no rate limit on how many certificates you can issue.

$ curl \ > -u 123_sampleapikey: \ > --data-urlencode csr=$'-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE REQUEST-----...'

Loved by Customers

SSLMate is wonderful.

Thai Duong, security researcher behind CRIME, BEAST, and POODLE.

Buying SSL certificates on the command line using SSLMate was the easiest thing ever. I had a working SSL certificate in 1 minute.

Sebastian Seilund, CTO, Billy's Billing

I re-discovered SSLMate yesterday; it is the easiest way by far to purchase SSL certificates.

Dave Peck, Co-founder, Cloak

Trusted by Experts

Portrait of SSLMate Founder

SSLMate founder Andrew Ayer has given invited talks at Apple and Google about Certificate Transparency monitoring. He is a trusted voice in the certificate community, and his security research has led to changes in the standards and policies for certificate issuance.

You can rest easy when you're an SSLMate customer knowing that your business-critical certificate infrastructure is in skilled hands. If you ever need help, Andrew will answer your email personally.

Trusted at

Git Lab Ubiquiti Networks Planet Oscar Hearst Corporation Panic GE Digital Intuit Crowd Street On Fleet Lease Labs Smart Etailing

Per-Certificate Pricing

Single Hostname

$15.95 / year

Get a Certificate

Valid for one year

Secures one hostname

Also secure base domain or www sub-domain: FREE

Secure extra hostnames: $24.95/year each

Secure extra wildcards: $249.95/year each

Reissues: FREE

Revocations: FREE

Issued by Sectigo

No rate limits


$149.95 / year

Get a Certificate

Valid for one year

Secures direct sub-domains of one domain

Also secure base domain: FREE

Secure extra hostnames: $24.95/year each

Secure extra wildcards: $249.95/year each

Reissues: FREE

Revocations: FREE

Issued by Sectigo

No rate limits

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