Why SSLMate?

Simple Security

Get SSL certificates from the command line in under 60 seconds. No complicated openssl commands or copy-and-pasting certificate bundles. It's as easy as typing sslmate buy example.com. Watch the demo

Automate your SSL

SSLMate certificates automatically renew and install on your server, eliminating human error. SSLMate can even integrate with your configuration management for automated deployment.

A+ Security

SSLMate helps configure your server with the most up-to-date security practices, so you can protect your visitors and get an A+ rating from SSL Labs—the gold standard of SSL security.

Customers Love SSLMate

SSLMate is wonderful.

Thai Duong, security researcher behind CRIME, BEAST, and POODLE.

Buying SSL certificates on the command line using SSLMate was the easiest thing ever. I had a working SSL certificate in 1 minute.

Sebastian Seilund, CTO, Billy's Billing

I re-discovered SSLMate yesterday; it is the easiest way by far to purchase SSL certificates.

Dave Peck, Co-founder, Cloak

Get a certificate in under 60 seconds

DV certificates are $15.95/year per domain, or $149.95/year for unlimited sub-domains.