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May 12, 2015

SSLMate 1.1.0: DNS support for CloudFlare, DNSimple, and DigitalOcean

SSLMate is pleased to announce version 1.1.0 of the SSLMate client, featuring DNS approval support for CloudFlare, DNSimple, and DigitalOcean, in addition to the Route 53 support announced last month. If you host your DNS using one of these providers, you can now easily obtain certificates for your domains without having to respond to an approval email or do any manual work.

First, you must tell SSLMate about your API credentials for your DNS service, by placing one of the following blocks in your SSLMate configuration file:

dns.cloudflare.email Your CloudFlare account's email address dns.cloudflare.key Your CloudFlare API key
dns.dnsimple.email Your DNSimple account's email address dns.dnsimple.token Your DNSimple API token
dns.digitalocean.key Your DigitalOcean API key

Once your credentials are in place, you can obtain certs by passing the --approval=dns option to sslmate buy. Instead of making you respond to an email, SSLMate will automatically add a CNAME record to your DNS to prove that you control your domain. That means less manual work, and combined with the --batch option, enables fully-automated certificate provisioning.

Check out the DNS approval docs for advanced configuration options, or head over to the install page or our GitHub repository to download and install 1.1.0. If you've already installed SSLMate through APT or Yum, upgrading is as simple as running apt-get update && apt-get upgrade or yum update. If you're using Homebrew, an updated formula should be available later today or tomorrow.

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