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October 16, 2014

SSLMate 0.4.0: More Features, Better Docs, and Available on More Platforms

We've just released version 0.4.0 of the SSLMate command line program, with new features, improved documentation, and more.

Download multiple certs with sslmate download

sslmate download can now download multiple certificates at once, by specifying multiple certificate common names on the command line, as follows:

sslmate download www.example.com www.example.org

sslmate download also understands a new command line option, --all, which tells it to download the certificate for every private key in your SSLMate key directory. This is useful for keeping all the certificates on a server in sync without having to enumerate every single certificate you have. Learn more about sslmate download.

Better robustness in sslmate download

sslmate download now includes a safety check that compares certificates to private keys and refuses to install a certificate if it doesn't match the corresponding private key. This ensures that SSLMate won't install a certificate that could prevent your web server from starting.

man sslmate

SSLMate now ships with a comprehensive man page describing all the available SSLMate commands and their options. In addition, the command line help messages are significantly improved.

Wider platform support

The SSLMate client has been rewritten in Perl, which lets us support many more platforms. SSLMate now runs on Debian Squeeze and Wheezy (without needing to enable the backports repository), on every version of Ubuntu back to 10.04, on RHEL/CentOS 6 and 7, and on Mac OS X 10.9+. (If you have a different operating system, you can download and install a generic tarball, but you may need to install some Perl modules - consult the README in the tarball for details.) Visit our install page for help installing SSLMate on your platform.


If you've previously enabled the SSLMate APT or Yum repositories, upgrading is as simple as running apt-get update && apt-get upgrade or yum update. Otherwise, head over to our install page to download and install the new version.

Note that SSLMate is no longer distributed through NPM. If you had installed SSLMate through NPM, please switch to one of the other distribution mechanisms described on our install page.

Old versions of the SSLMate client will continue to be supported indefinitely, but new features will require upgraded clients.

SSLMate makes SSL certificates easy through great software and friendly support. That's why customers say it's a joy to get SSL certificates from SSLMate. Learn more or signup.

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