This documentation applies to the Basic SSLMate service. If you are using SSLMate for SaaS, please see the SSLMate Agent Help instead.

Buy an Extended Validation (EV) Certificate


sslmate buy --ev HOSTNAME

  • HOSTNAME is the name for the certificate (also known as the "common name" or "CN"), such as Note that EV certificates cannot be wildcards.

  • For other options, run sslmate help buy or consult the sslmate(1) man page.

EV certificates provide equivalent security to DV certificates, but also convey your company name in the web browser's address bar:

Screenshot of EV certificate showing company name in address bar

Before you can buy an EV certificate, you must first provide additional information about your organization on your account page. Due to the additional validation, EV certs take several days to issue. Therefore, sslmate buy --ev returns immediately with a temporary self-signed certificate. When your real certificate is issued, you will receive an email and be able to download it with the sslmate download command.

EV certificates cost $299.95/year.

If you're not sure what kind of certificate you need, buy a DV certificate by omitting the --ev option, as described on the buy page.

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