SSLMate for SaaS makes it easy to onboard customers with HTTPS

Easy onboarding means fewer customer support requests and higher conversion.

If you're like most SaaS companies, onboarding a customer to your service requires them to add a CNAME record that delegates their vanity domain (or sub-domain) to your infrastructure.

To provide your customer's vanity domain with HTTPS, many certificate authorities require your customer to approve the SSL certificate by clicking a link in an email, or by publishing a random token in an additional DNS record. This additional step adds friction to your onboarding process: the emails often go to the wrong person or an unmonitored mailbox, and it's easy to make a typo when publishing the DNS record. This burdens your customer support and can lead to lost business when customers abandon the process.

SSLMate provides a better way. We can validate the certificate using the exact same CNAME record that your customer must add anyways. Once the CNAME is published, we connect to your customer's domain and check that it is delegated to your infrastructure by making sure your web server responds with the correct challenge code.

Configuring your web server to respond with the correct challenge code is easy. There's no need for you to keep track of the challenges, or rotate them when a certificate renews. All you need to do is configure your web server to proxy the challenge requests to SSLMate using a few simple rules. SSLMate keeps track of the challenges and responds with the correct one.

Within a few minutes of validating the challenge, certificate files are automatically installed across your server fleet for your web server software to use, or POSTed to a webhook for you to install yourself. Your customer can start using your service with their vanity domain almost immediately.

When you get certificates with SSLMate, your customers have an easy onboarding process, and it's easy for you too.

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