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SSLMate for SaaS gets HTTPS certificates for your customers’ vanity domains, without all the coding.

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Save Developer Time

SSLMate does everything you need to get certificates for your SaaS app, so you can spend time on your business, not certificates.

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Reduce Signup Friction

Certificates are issued instantly and don't require your customer to do any work. They'll be secure from the moment they sign up.

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Avoid Costly Outages

Certificate renewal is fully automated and continuously monitored so you will avoid outages from expired certificates.

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Customers Love SSLMate

SSLMate is wonderful.

Thai Duong, security researcher behind CRIME, BEAST, and POODLE.

Buying SSL certificates on the command line using SSLMate was the easiest thing ever. I had a working SSL certificate in 1 minute.

Sebastian Seilund, CTO, Billy's Billing

I re-discovered SSLMate yesterday; it is the easiest way by far to purchase SSL certificates.

Dave Peck, Co-founder, Cloak

Made for Multi-Server

SSLMate makes multi-server deployments a breeze. We synchronize key and certificate files between your servers, and coordinate the response to domain validation challenges, so you don't have to.

Keep Your Current Stack

SSLMate provides a lightweight, stateless daemon that runs alongside your existing web server stack. You don't need to replace everything just for easy HTTPS.


Starts at $100/month for 100 certificates. Credits are pooled: if you delete a certificate, the credit can reused for another. See pricing

About SSLMate

SSLMate launched the world's first command line tool for SSL certificate acquisition in 2014 and has been making HTTPS deployment easier ever since. Learn more

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