Pay-As-You Go Certificate Pricing

For subscription pricing, see SSLMate for SaaS pricing.

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  • $1595 / year
  • Secures one hostname [?]
  • Also secures base domain or www sub-domain [?]
  • Automated Purchase and Renewal
  • Free reissues
  • Free revocations


  • $2495 / hostname / year
  • $24995 / wildcard / year
  • Secures multiple hostnames and/or wildcards [?]
  • Automated Purchase and Renewal
  • Free reissues
  • Free revocations


  • $14995 / year
  • Secures all direct sub-domains of one domain [?]
  • Also secures the domain itself [?]
  • Automated Purchase and Renewal
  • Free reissues
  • Free revocations

Need a large quantity of certificates for your customers' vanity domains? See SSLMate for SaaS pricing.

Note: in rare cases, certificates may take longer than 60 seconds to issue if your domain name is flagged for security review due to a similarity with a popular brand name.

SSLMate is the best way to do SSL

SSLMate is Fast and Easy

Get SSL certificates from the command line in under 60 seconds. No complicated openssl commands or copy-and-pasting certificate bundles. It's as easy as typing sslmate buy

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Buying SSL certificates on the command line using SSLMate was the easiest thing ever. I had a working SSL certificate in 1 minute.

Sebastian Seilund, CTO, Billy's Billing

SSLMate is Automated

SSLMate certificates automatically renew and install on your server, eliminating human error. SSLMate can even integrate with your configuration management for automated deployment.

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