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Effortlessly purchase certificates

SSLMate is the easiest way to purchase and deploy SSL certificates. There are no complicated openssl commands or copy-and-pasting of certificate blobs into websites. Instead of giving you a Zip archive and making you manually assemble certificate files, SSLMate installs the necessary files right onto your server. It's as easy as typing sslmate buy

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Automate certificate renewal

SSLMate certificates automatically renew and the updated certs are downloaded straight to your servers. Legacy certificate vendors make you jump through the same manual hoops every time a cert expires. Even the big players forget to renew, or make mistakes that cause downtime. SSLMate automates away the tedium, saving you time and eliminating human error.

Automate certificate purchases

SSLMate can be used non-interactively to purchase certificates from your configuration management system. When you provision a new server or website, you can automatically purchase a certificate for it with a simple sslmate command. The rest of your infrastructure is automated; shouldn't your certificates be too?

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Generate optimal SSL configuration

SSL configuration is a moving target. Best practices change as vulnerabilities are discovered and new protocols and ciphers become available. SSLMate stays up-to-date and generates configuration for you, so you can stay secure and get an A+ from SSL Labs.

Quality support & documentation

SSLMate is thoroughly documented, on the web, in its man page, and at the command line. And support requests are answered by a knowledgeable engineer with extensive experience in SSL and server configuration.

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